A diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment is no longer optional — it's an imperative.


Talent wants to work for an organization where they can bring their full self to the workplace; not leave pieces of themselves at the door to fit in. Employees want to see representation of their ethnicities, genders and abilities in all levels of the organization. And, most employers want (and need) diverse perspectives to innovate and problem-solve, and want to attract and retain top talent.


JD Consults provides you a framework and the tools to help create an improved and sustainable culture where all can thrive.


It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.


~Audre Lorde


The first step in creating sustainable organizational culture change begins with analysis. Our cultural assessment contemplates: 

  • Why is DEI important for our organization?

  • What are the barriers to being truly equitable and inclusive?

  • Where do we think the initial focus should be?

  • How do we make optimal impact?


JD Consults offers a strategic approach to your DEI program for success. More than a single lane solution to a multifaceted problem, we offer a holistic strategy that addresses the concerns opportunities at hand while tying the efforts to your organization's overarching business goals. This is critical for your DEI program to have real impact and create sustainable change. 


After we settle on the strategic approach to address the opportunities for improvement, JD Consults gets to work with your organization through:
- Enterprise communications for the initiatives
- Leadership workshops
- Staff trainings
- Developing employer-sponsored DE&I awareness events 
- Help with restructuring policies and processes