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Diversity: Recognizing & respecting everyone's unique qualities and attributes


Equity: The fair & respectful treatment of all people


Inclusion: All individuals feel respected, accepted & valued

Why this work? 
Because Equality Can't Wait. 

We've heard all of the business case rationale for diversity, equity and inclusion.

From the countless studies, we know that DEI:


  • Leads to greater innovation

  • Improves a brand's image

  • Enhances customer experience

  • Boosts employee engagement


However, at its core, DEI work is about people and creating cultures where the workforce means more than the transactional nature of their employment. They become meaningful assets to your organization, in their individuality and full educational and lived experiences. So, it has become critical that organizations  create environments where employees can bring their whole selves to it and feel that they truly belong.

We can help you create a culture that welcomes all.

Creating a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture  

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The first step in creating sustainable organizational culture change begins with... 

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The next move has to be strategic and intentional in order to... 



With a strong strategy agreed upon, we focus on where to begin... 

Crystal Johnson
Team Manager at Transformco

John recognized the team’s challenges and developmental needs, he was entrusted with his ability to delve into creating different training programs almost immediately. John’s activities and behavioral interactions were well received and his communication style is a welcoming tool.

Ryan Letts
D&I Consultant at ReadySet

John is a formidable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion professional. His compassion, empathy, knowledge and approachable nature make him a great asset for any company. His drive and motivation to make an impact make him a powerful advocate in the DEI space.

Barbie Winterbottom 
CHRO at BIC Graphic

John is a breath of positive fresh air in a time of significant uncertainty and frustration. He continues to do the work and put forth whatever efforts are necessary to grow and become the best version of himself possible.

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